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Monday, August 10, 2009

Pet Peeve

I think everyone is fairly aware that the job I'm in right now is not my dream job; it is just a transitional position until I can get my alternative teaching certificate. Even so, I do this job to the absolute BEST of my ability - which has in turn gotten me promoted when I had not even been there six months - promoted before I even had benefits. I'm not saying this to gloat - but to help prove my point about one of my completely unmotivated co-workers. Before some of my office co-workers gave him the nickname "monkey," my personal, only in my head, nickname for this individual was Eeyore. He walks around like Eeyore - slowly lumbering through the office - with his down-turned face - and no one likes me attitude...well in truth not many people do like him because of his utter LACK of work ethic. Now, to be fair when I first started working there this guy was initially friendly - and I in turn was friendly until I kept getting burned by his complete disregard for paying attention to his work. His job is to sort records - not a fun job by far, but not a complicated job either. He sorts them in chronological order, scans them, and either mails or emails them to the assigned physician - all of which I give him explicit directions to accomplish because this guy is incapable of taking any sort of initiative or using a silly little thing like intuition to figure out how to solve a problem - and no he is not a learning disabled individual. So, when he invariably manages to screw up like shipping the wrong records to the wrong doctor - rather than handling his mistake like a responsible human being - he comes to my office to see if I will clean up his mess. And his "mistakes" (read unparalleled laziness) typically end up making me look bad since everyone is looking to me to get these peers out on time in order for us to get the reports back by the deadline. Thus, I feel that Eeyore is pretty good label for this whiny, lazy worker.

Just checked my work e-mail to access a link that a friend sent me while at work - a link that I didn't look at while at work because it goes against work policy, and silly girl that I am I also decided to open an actual work e-mail from my boss to find that yet again - I've probably been burned by this very same lazy co-worker. I am not sure why this person continues to have a job after ALL of the "mistakes" that he continually makes in a job that should be quite simple and does not really require any real responsibility or stress on his part. And of course tomorrow, if these records that should have been printed off by him last Thursday end up "missing" it will fall to me because on top of all the other stuff that I am now supposed to be monitoring on top of all the new things that I am learning and doing - I have to make sure that he actually does his freaking job. I DO NOT have TIME to sit around and babysit this lazy worker and get my own job done, and make sure that my team is meeting their responsibilities - he's not even part of my team but his lack of pride in his work directly affects how me and my team are able to do our jobs. When this kind of stuff happens with him, I want to BEAT HIM.

Deep breaths...deep breaths...must find my happy place now

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Rebecca said...

Yaay you posted!!!
BOOOOOO for Eeyore!!!